Healthier Bottom Line

Healthier Bottom Line

While you grow your practice it is critical that you maintain, track, and correct coding and documentation. This will ensure optimal accuracy and reduce liability.

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Immediate Center

Productive Staff

Your support staff will be delighted to have the time to focus on the patients. Imagine… increased productivity and staff satisfaction.

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Diagnostic Center

Dedicated Experts

We are a committed team of International Medical graduates and coding experts that are here to ensure optimal documentation accuracy throughout your risk and DCE/ ACO/ Out Reach Memberships.

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An efficient backend provides the foundation for an efficient frontend. A place were staff and patient satisfaction meets.

Jennifer Moore - Medical Coding Specialist

We strive to provide you the most effecient, professional, and explemary Medicare Risk Adjustment services to ensure you can scale your revenue safely and effeciently. This is critical when running a medical practice because it means that your staff will have the necessary amount of time to work with their patients and ensure business success.

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What We Do

RCM Services

We know just how much it costs your business in labor for billing and revenue cycle management services. That's why we created Accumoore.

By just saving on the labor costs, you can rest assured knowing that you're scaling your bottom line and managing risk, seamlessly.

  • Reduce Risk
  • Grow Withour Worrying
  • Billing & RCM Professionals
  • Certified & Licensed
  • Customer Service
  • Custom Softare Integrations

Seamlessly Increase Your Bottom Line

We increase your bottom line by taking the workload off your staff, thus resulting in higher employee retention and higher patient satisfaction.

Your staff have other priorities over the billing and coding. What's more, is that if they make a mistake, there could be serious risks involved for your business. That's why we're here, to ensure you can steadily and effectively increase your bottom line while managing risk.



Our first class revenue cycle management programs are best in class, designed to help you increase your revenue and reduce risk.

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Medical Billing


We provide world-class value-based care to your medical practice.

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Medical Coding

Medicare Risk Adjustment

Our unique medicare risk adjustment solution will have your staff spending more quality time with their patients

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Customer Service

Customer Service

As always, if you have any questions, you can always call or e-mail us at anytime, and we'll be happy to help.

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Ready To Reduce Your Risk And Improve Your Bottom Line?

Your employees and patients will thank you later.

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